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This is not my favourite mode of writing: where we begin seemingly at a random place, just about, and then slowly proceed through a series of postulations and recountings of 'facts' etc. to an eventual denouement which reveals what it is all about.

It is much used today though, I grant. I call it the 'thriller' mode for its like novels and hollywood movies that build your attention and tension until the final cathartic release.

No. I much prefer the more traditional mode whereby what you are about to reveal or demonstrate or recount is plainly stated at the head of the chapter and we proceed from there.

I get immense delight sometimes merely from that part of the narrative. Tom Collin's 'Such is Life' is a wonderful demonstration of it.

In this example of this mode I dislike it seems to me we have not even built to a conclusion. There is little or no attempt at justification of proof of the final contention we are presented with: '.. in today's Russia victory has been made a reason for hatred..'

I find it invalid and disappointing. I award it 5 out of 10 and think myself generous at that.

This student could do much better.

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