Seems to me you ignore the violent US engineered coup in 2014 that installed a regime hostile to its own Russian speaking population and began making war on them for opposing the coup in support of the over-thrown elected government. It is a proxy war the US had planed for decades to weaken Russia's economic position. With the Ukraine government attacking the Donbass they declared their independence. Russia watched this escalate on its border for 8 years before deciding to intervene on their behalf. Russia is not an imperialist nation, they do not have 900 military bases around the world enforcing their empire's desires, the US does. And the US is notorious manipulating wars to profit its military industrial complex. I agree with point 1 & 2 of your plan but the rest needs to be negotiated between Ukraine and Russia and the US, which has undercut every peace effort so far in its insatiable greed for profits, needs to but out.

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Agree with all comments. The writer won't be satisfied unless Russia returns to its Bolshevist roots. He is not so much opposed to Putin's regime as he is to fascism, as am I. He doesn't understand that this is a standoff between two equally fascistic rivals for control of the world and that the U.S. is the far more aggressive party in this rivalry, putting not only Russia but China on the defensive and using their authoritarianism as the excuse even as they (we) grow more authoritarian ourselves thanks in part to the elitist neoliberal (i.e. neocon) policies of the past several decades that have enriched those at the top and impoverished those at the bottom. We are also perfectly happy to be allies of regimes like the Saudis and Israel, overlooking THEIR authoritarianism and crimes and to sell THEM massive amounts of weaponry. It is the writer who is naive, not those of us who live in the U.S. and have been watching all this closely for decades, including our country's control of NATO expansion and its own clear corporate-driven policies that change regimes whose resources we want to control. In the case of Russia it's both fossil fuels AND its vast farmland, notably Siberia, which Cargill is eyeing as the new global breadbasket as the climate warms, which is why Cargill did NOT leave Russia, giving the excuse that "food should not be used as a weapon." Yeah? Since when? This IS a race to the bottom, but at this point it looks like our own country is accelerating it (also climate change) at a faster rate than the nations we demonize, including India and China.

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This is standard American neohawk propaganda.

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Jun 28, 2023·edited Jun 28, 2023

Perhaps the irony here is that this author speaks about this war as though it were of the nature of any of the US wars of choice since 1950. To this author the US has no history of interfering in the affairs of other nations. It does not and never has supported overthrows, nor has it armed dictators or invaded places on false pretenses. It's a straight up Cockooland/Bizarro World analysis that could earn the author and ongoing spot as guest on various American cable TV networks.

The author never addresses that the US caused this situation and given its druthers it would have Russia broken into numerous small entities by now, each able to be victimized by the rapacious American capitalist colonialism system. Sick thing is many Americans think that would be okay.

Ethical people who study history understand; the Russians are justified in what they're doing, ethical people should support the Russians in their struggle against American imperialism and hegemony. As a matter of fact as an American progressive liberal over 65 I believe that what Russia is doing is not only good for Russia, it's good for the United States. Americans barely reacted when Barack Obama pinned a presidential medal of freedom onto the chest of GW Bush after he blew 5 trillion dollars and turn this country upside down with his homeland security scheme. That's national insanity.

Vladimir Putin is going to go down in Russian history as the Russia equivalent of George Washington + FDR. I wish the author of this article good luck at CNN.

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Who gives a flying f--k for "Russia's security framework requirements....That's not our responsibility. Who on the left gives a flying f--k for the lives of innocent civilians being slaughtered remorselessly by one of the most imperialist and violent regimes in history: Russia, who killed 30 million of their own people under Stalin, colonized western Europe and western Asia, murders dissenters without a thought, is ruled by mad oligarchs robbing their country blind? Not one addled leftist has any moral scruples or principles except hating the USA and loving all its enemies that share its hate. No truth has ever been witnessed on the left. Ukraine fascist? Not lately, you jerk.

Or didnt you know that has a new leader and government sharing western democracy? The American left isnt anti imperialist. It just hates the USA and loves its enemies. Go peddle your

lies to your equally meretricious leftist friends. No one pays attention to the left, nor did they ever. And quite rightly.

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Impossible. Absolutely asinine to think Ukraine's borders haven't changed and aren't going to stay exactly where Putin wants them. Look Russia's ready fuck some shit up if he has too. He's already shown that NATO can't hang militarily... What makes anyone think at this point Russia's going to roll over and hand something back? What is wrong with you people? You're dealing with a PEOPLE, not Putin...and you know nothing.

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"1. Stop fighting on both sides;" - at first glance, everything is correct. But: a) attention is not paid to the causal relationship and, consequently, to fair responsibility for aggression, genocide, crimes against humanity and humaneness (maybe somewhere I am legally wrong in the wording, but the essence of this does not change); b) also under item “4. On the territories left by the RF Armed Forces, the UN forces and its peacekeeping forces are temporarily introduced” it is unlikely that it will be possible to organize observations from the UN or the OSCE directly in the Russian Federation, since the revenge factor in such large territories is difficult to negate, and this is only in terms of ensuring life safety ; the very fact of working reparations does not return a non-renewable resource - a separate human life;

"...temporarily deploy UN peacekeeping forces from among the countries not directly or indirectly involved in the conflict" - the successful creative work of peacekeepers in the territories of Ukraine, left by the Russian Armed Forces within the borders of 1991, rather depends on the well-coordinated work of peacekeepers and, importantly, on their interest in ensuring security due to the understanding of the impact of the consequences of a military conflict, in particular, on themselves.

"...And therefore, you need to take responsibility, take the first step, and start a process that will lead to an end to the war, and the workers to victory in their struggle for power. So that the defeat of the insane adventurist plans of the government of the Russian Federation does not turn into a defeat for the people and the country." - the defeat of the people of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation itself in fact took place long ago and not in one day or year; non-defeat was not declared.


From the same "Plan of Peace: Without NATO and RF bayonets": “However, in general, the correct anti-imperialist position of rejecting the criminal war suffers greatly from “pacifism” in the worst sense of the word. That is, this point of view, by and large, comes down to only one thesis - the immediate cessation of the war. Without a specific plan, “deciphering” step by step, by what methods this will be achieved, by what means, under what conditions, at what borders, etc. ”, - step by step and by what methods, by what means and under what conditions, on what borders this is achieved the members of the UN decide, those countries (unfortunately, the Russian Federation has influence on the decisions of the UN), which, despite a certain imperialist nature of their life, could no longer bring it to bloodshed. It is precisely such a designated phenomenon as imperialism that concerns only the economic aspects of human life and is economically regulated as much as possible. And not reducing this phenomenon to the destruction of one's own kind of living beings, first of all, testifies to the institutions of democracy that have already taken place and are working in society.

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Unsubscribed..... fed up with pro neocon rhetoric

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