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Always wanted to know the answer to this. In view of the fact that

1) the USA had been contributing weaponry to Ukraine for a decade now

2) had reneged on their promise not to move NATO eastward

3) Putin had signed the Minsk accords, which neither Ukraine nor the NATO nations abided by

4) had seen, Russian speaking people in the Donbass, shelled for 8years in a conflict, just because they were Russian descent

5) and watched the Azov battalion (an admittedly neo-nazi group, in the vanguard of the shelling


what should Putin have done? as Lavrovs, many declarations to the press, were met with silence?

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To me there's two questions I'd like answers to right now:

1. Can 'who is right and who is wrong' really be decided in terms that justify the castigation, condemnation, outright hatred and avowal to eliminate a whole people?


2. What exactly is the nature of the Russian people, their government and their military machine; these three things.

Part of question 2 is addressed in posts by simplicius, and roloslavsky of substack I find recently and I think all should look at them.

Here is an example:


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