Of course you know that dissenters in the US have similar complaints.

Thank you for making this point clear. Maybe if the people of the two nations realized how similar our histories and circumstances are, we could cooperate in peace.

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What about our, the people's, tasks then? What about your task? You know so much how about going a bit further? Name them. Quantify them. They are a dozen? Or a hundred? Or hundreds? Either way, name them. And if they have no tasks what tasks do they supposedly have and why are they doing them? And if they are controlling without having tasks then what tasks/offices are they interfering with and what is the proper office holder doing?

We are all big on complaining these days.

Enough. The fault is ours. The people. Clear as day. Crystal clear. A mammoth clarity.

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"Reality — what a concept!" [Robin Williams]

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